Wondering about what's involved?

Can I take a ride to see if flying is something I want to pursue?


Yes! We can schedule a discovery flight for as little as $100 and have you flying typically within a few days. You can also make your first flight the beginning of your professional pilot career and schedule a 2 hour block. Either way your time can be logged as part of your 40hr minimum requirement for the Private Pilot Rating.


What are the requirements for a Private Pilot Rating?


Your CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) will have a lot of information once you are enrolled in the program but to wrap it all up very simply, a Private rating will require a minimum of 40 hours including at least 20 hours of flight training with an instructor and 10 hours of solo flight time. A written exam and a practical exam with a designated examiner will be required and you must be at least 17 to take the practical.


How much does a Private Pilot rating cost?


Cost will vary greatly from one student to another but it's a good idea to plan for about $10k. It can be less if you are self motivated and able to study at home. More if you would like to have a CFI provide additional ground school tutoring. To keep costs low we suggest flying 3 or more times per week to retain the skills you develop during your training flights.


Is there any discounts?


Yes! We offer a 10% discount for every $1000 pre-payment made to your account. This applies to aircraft rental rates and instruction rates.


Can I rent aircraft?


Absolutely! Any appropriately rated pilot which meets the requirements in our renter packet can take a check-out flight with one of our instructors. Upon successful completion of the check-out the instructor will endorse you in our system to rent the aircraft. Plan for an hour flight and an hour ground.


Can I use my personal aircraft for my flight training?


Yes, however we reserve the right to have our qualified mechanics inspect the aircraft before our CFI’s begin flight training. Each situation is unique so feel free to come in and chat with us about it.


How soon can I start training?


Call us to check on availability. Depending on our current student load and number of CFI’s we may be able to get started right away. If our CFI’s fill their schedule we will use a wait list to ensure current students in the program get the attention they need to finish training.